VIPTV Adult XXX Set Top Box & 12 Month Subscription


40+ Channels of HD XXX TV

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VIPTV Adult XXX is not a satellite tv product but a high quality Internet service using a set top box manufactured and branded by Motorola,  that connects to your router and supplies 40+ high definition channels, across many genres of high quality XXX directly to your TV!

Viptv Adult XXX have now evolved their service into 40 high quality high definition channels. You now have the ability to either view any available movie on demand which you can pause, rewind and fast forward, or as channels which can be accessed almost as quickly as any satellite tv box.

VIPTV Adult XXX contains true quality niche and thematic content covering all genres, all broadcast in the highest quality,

Here is how the VIPTV Adult XXX Box works:

You order your VIPTV Adult XXX Box from us at just £329.00 plus delivery! This includes a 12 Month pre-paid subscription to VIPTV.

The VIPTV Adult XXX box is the new version 2 Motorola 1113 branded black box; it has no buttons and appears totally passive.

You simply power it up, connect it to your tv, plug the ethernet cable into your router and within seconds you will be up and running!

The VIPTV Adult XXX box connects to your TV using an HDMI cable (not supplied) or a Scart (supplied).

The service is updated regularly and consists of over 1000’s of hours of XXX material from around the world, covering all genres. There is a fully functional Electronic programme Guide and the system is PIN protected to prevent any unauthorized use.

Renewals cost £189 per year.


Will VIPTV Adult XXX Work For You?


it is important before ordering VIPTV to check you have the following basic requirements;

  • 1) You will need to have an existing home wired broadband connection with a minimum download speed of 2.5 Mb/s.
  • 2) VIPTV Adult XXX Box plugs into your router using a supplied Ethernet Lead. However if your router is located in a different room then either you will require an extension lead or compatible extenders such as Homeplug / Ethernet Adapters.
  • 3) An optional wi-fi adapter is available for an extra £30.
  • 4) Your VIPTV Adult XXX IPTV Box connects directly to an available hdmi / scart socket on your tv.
  • 5) A  Mains Adaptor is supplied which will be used to power your VIPTV Box.
  • 6) VIPTV can be used anywhere in the world where a suitable internet connection is available.

Motorola VIP1113 Set Top Box Technical Specification


  •     Digital TV functionality, high-quality broadcast TV and interactive electronic program guide (EPG)
  •     Supports multiple interactive TV applications, such as video/TV on demand, nPVR with time shift and catch up TV
  •     Feature-rich interactive applications and graphics, including Flicker, RSS news feed and home networking (DLNA)
  •     Digital video scaling and hardware support for picture-in-picture

Please note we are not in any way connected with the service provider and have no control over transmissions and of course v
iewing by minors is of course strictly prohibited!