Novoe TV Russian IPTV Set Top Box and 12 Month Subscription

Novoe TV Russian IPTV Set Top Box and 12 Month Subscription


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Product Description

Novoe TV provides over 150 of the best  Russian TV channels in HD quality, screening movies, sports, comedy, music, news and much more. No dish is required as The Novoe TV Set Top  Box connects to your broadband router.

A connection in excess of 2Mbps is required.

Sample Channel List

First, the First International, Russia 1, RTR Planeta, 24 Russia, NTV, Russia to Channel 5, STS, TNT, Home, TV Center, 100TV, TB 3, Ren-TV, Pepper, RBC, BBC World News, Euronews, World Russia 2, Sport 1, KHL, soldier, Russian Extreme, NTV + Football, NTV + Nash Football, Eurosport, Eurosport 2, Carousel, Teen TV, Smile of a Child, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, TiJi, Gulli, JimJam, Pixel TV, MTV , A-One, Chanson, Music Box RU, music first, Europa Plus TV, RU.TV, Bridge TV, in A minor, VH1 Classic, Night Club, Russian Night, Comedy TV, film Screening, Home cinema, Enter-Film, A lot of TV, India TV, CBS Drama, Diva Universal, FOX, FoxLife, S, 2×2 channel, Nostalgia, Dress TV, Time-TV, TLC, Teleputeshestviya, My Planet, Russian Travel Guide, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild , Retro, Hunter and Fisher, Hunting and fishing, Zoo TV, Pets, Star Alliance, Interesting TV, Time, Auto Plus, 365 days, Kitchen TV, Telecafe, Drive TV, Amazing life, Tonus TV, Fashion TV, TV Club, Imedi, Rustavi 2, Arm RU, 1 +1, Novy Kanal, channel 5 Ukraine, Telekanal ICTV, Telekanal STB, Belarus TV, Mega, AzTV, 7-channel KZ, Madeniet TV KZ, 2 +2, Kentron TV , Armenia 1TV, Telekanal NTN

Purchasing this package includes the Novoe IPTV set top box and 12 months prepaid subscription to the Novoe TV service. After the first year a further 12 months viewing is charged at approximately £199.00.

Additional information

Weight 1500 g