Satisfaction HD 9 Channel Viaccess Card


12 Month HD Adult Card

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SCT & Penthouse 12 Month 9 Channel Viaccess Card combines the full SCT / Satisfaction TV experience with new XXX channels Penthouse HD, Black & 2.

Penthouse HD (Passion) has moved to Hotbird 10.930H, Symbol Rate 30000, FEC 2/3 please retune your receiver.

SCT TV & Satisfaction now consists of SCT, Prive TV, Passion XXX, X-Muvi (promo) & Sexto Senso to provide the Ultimate Italian Adult Viewing Experience, uniquely only available to XXX Satellite TV Enthusiasts.

Pink’O TV is an Italian Hardcore Adult Video On Demand service famous for its own brand of XXX Movies that users rent online. Only now is Pink’O TV available as a channel viewable on Satellite TV. Furthermore it has its own cast of Glamorous Adult Movie Stars such as Bambola, Brigitta Bui and Cladia Rossi. In addition this is combined with high quality production covering a wide range of genres make PinkO TV an unmissable treat for the enthusiast.

Penthouse HD 1, 2 & Black are brand new and included with this card! Penthouse is perhaps the most famous and longest established Adult XXX phenomenon in the world! Prepare yourself for Stylish, Big Budget and Glamorous Movies from the worlds top adult movie directors. 

XMuvi (is currently transmitting a FTA promo)



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SCT, Penthouse & Redlight HD 9 Channel List & Frequency Information


Satisfaction TV (SCT XXX) 
Penthouse Black
Penthouse 2 (Quickies)
Penthouse HD (Passion)
on Hotbird 10.930H, Symbol Rate 30000, FEC 2/3

Prive TV 
Sesto Senso Italia
Pink ‘O TV
Passion TV
XMuvi (promo fta)
on Hotbird 11.642H, Symbol Rate 27500, FEC 3/4


Information subject to change without notice and last updated 10.10.19


Satisfaction HD 11 Channel Technical Info


No Of Channels: 9
Subscription Time: 12 Month

Encryption type: Viaccess


Please Note: A High Definition Receiver will be required to view this full package.

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