Moteck SG2100A Diseqc Motor

Moteck SG2100A Diseqc Motor



Product Description…

July 2023: Just arrived latest Genuine Moteck SG2500A with metal gears.

Moteck SG2100A Diseqc 1.2 Motor with USALS, which is the updated version of the SG2100.

Voted by as the best DiSEqC motor available.

Important Notice: Please note that we only stock original branded Moteck motors. If it does not say Moteck on the box then it is not made by them as Moteck do not make motors for anybody else.

Compatible with DiSEqc 1.2/1.3 (USALS) Receivers
Single Coax Cable Control
Go To X Function (DiSEqC 1.3 USALS)
Very High Efficiency
Low Noise
Adjustable Hardware Limits
Easy Install with LED Indicator
Manual EAST to WEST button
For Dish size up to 1.2M

Two year manufacturers warranty