Metronic 85cm Transparent Clear Plastic Dish

Metronic 85cm Transparent Clear Plastic Dish


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If you need a discrete dish but one that also has the WOW factor then this is it! 

It blends easily into the background and is less prone to rust making it an ideal solution for conservation areas where legal or coastal areas where dishes are prone to rust.


  • Totally Discreet
  • Rust resistant
  • Manufactured from Synthesis Resin Compound (SRC)
  • Designed to last longer than a steel dish
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • 100% UV resistant
  • Resistant to extreme wind conditions
  • Pole mountable

Technical Data

  • LNB Clamping 23mm-40mm
  • Mast Clamping 30-50mm (1.2″ – 2.0″)
  • Elevation 5 degrees to 55 degrees
  • Azimuth +/- 180 degrees
  • F/D Ratio 0.6
  • Gain @ 11.70GHz 38.4dB
  • Efficiency 72%
  • Frequency Range 10.70GHz – 12.75GHz
  • Wind Resistance 112mph