Kartina TV Russian Subscription Renewal 12 Months Full Package


Kartina TV Renewal

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Twelve month subscription renewal facilty for existing Kartina Russian viewers

Enter your unique Kartina box serial number in the space provided above and we will do the rest.
Serial numbers can vary depending on model of set top box but usually consist of between 12 to 20 digits.
Re-activation takes up to 24 hours from the time of ordering.

Kartina TV now offers over 165 Russian channels in HD quality via your broadband connection. Instead of receiving television or video by terrestrial or satellite methods Kartine is received via your broadband connection of 2Mbps or higher. The package includes 12 months access to the very best in Russian entertainment, movies, sports, comedy, music, news and much more. In addition you get access to many popular Russian radio stations. Other great features include the ability to watch on up to three devices, retrieve and play programmes from the last 14 days, video library and three 24hr adult channels. See below for more info.

Kartin TV - 130 Russian Channels Over IP



Multiroom – use your subscription to watch on up to three TV’s or devices at once, be it another Kartina set top box (available separately), PC, iPad, iPhone or Anroid Smartphone or Tablet. Apple and Android apps available via Google Play and Apple App Store.
Multiroom works within one Internet connection (one IP-address). This means that you can not the same Kartina subscription in different houses, or, say, at the same time through a home and through mobile Internet.


Archive – this is one of the most important advantages Kartina TV. Thanks to archives, you can forget about programming timer recordings to a VCR or HDD-recorder. Missed a programme or the start? Just go to the program guide on the desired date and select the desired entry. At any time, you can “go back” up to two weeks! No messy discs or tapes just a simple online video library ready and waiting. You can even skip through the commercial breaks!
Archive is available for most television channels and works on both the online player and all models of receiver (set-top boxes).
Archive is simple to use: open the online player menu or your receiver’s schedule. Select the desired day or program. All recorded programs are marked with a red letter R or a red circle •. Click on the name of the program to start watching (Use the OK / Enter button on the remote).

Late Night TV – included as part of your subscription three premium high definition XXX late night channels Redlight HD, Hustler HD and Private TV. All channels are PIN protected for safety. 

Purchasing this item includes 12 months prepaid subscription to the Kartina TV service. Once the order has completed you will receive an activation code giving access to the Kartina TV service for a further 12 months.
No tangible goods will be sent.

Kartina TV Requirements:

  • Broadband connection (recommended 2Mbps download speed or better)
  • TV set with either HDMI or composite a/v inputs
  • Kartina TV set top box