Inter TV Russian Viaccess Smartcard Hotbird 6 Months



Inter TV Russia Viaccess 6 Month subscription satellite viewing card providing access to Russian Inter TV channels broadcasting on Hotbird at 13 East in Viaccess encryption.


The Inter TV smartcard gives access to three channels, Detski Mir ( transmitting from 7am – 7pm), Teleklub (transmitting from 7pm – 7am), Nashe Kino (transmitting from 24hrs).

The channel line-up is designed to provide Russian nationals living abroad with innovative programming from home, including the latest TV-series, talk-shows, childrens programmes and a vast selection of movies.

Channel Line-Up Includes…

   – Detskiy Mir (children)
   – Teleklub (tv series, movies)
   – Nashe Lubimoe Kino (movies)

Technical Information:

  • Number of Channels: 3
  • Subscription Term: 6 month
  • Satellite: Hotbird @ 13 East
  • Encryption: Viaccess
  • Frequency: 12.322 Ghz Horizontal
  • Symbol Rate: 27,500
  • FEC: 3/4