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Full ATN 800+ Channels

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Product Description

This is the FULL Package Silver Set Top Box and 12 Month Subscription which allows access to 800+ channels for Arabic TV, Kurdish, African, Afghani and Turkish viewers.

The ATN receiver is the very latest Android 4 Set Top Box which also has an internal hard disc connector.

ATN Set Top Box offers a high quality HD service with channels from all over The Middle East, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Africa, Pakistan, Kurdish Territories, Turkey and more. These channels can be viewed anywhere in the world providing there is a broadband connection of 2Mbps or higher. No satellite dish, aerial or PC is required.


New ATN Set Top Box Features Include:

  • NEW! Now Wifi Ready
  • NEW! Choice of 1000’s of Apps from the Android App Store
  • NEW! You Tube Web Browser

ATN Set Top Box Requirements;

Broadband connection (recommended 2Mbps download speed or better)
TV set with either HDMI, SCART, component, s-video or Composite inputs.

ATN Set Top Box Specification

Key Functions:

  • Access to Live TV and Live Radio directly on your TV
  • Watch YouTube™ videos
  • VOD – Video on Demand Ready
  • Wifi Ready
  • Wired or wireless Internet connectivity
  • Favorite channel list

Ports and Interfaces:

  • Video Interface: HDMI, Analog RCA video/stereo audio
  • Network Interface: 10/100Base-T Ethernet
  • Optical Interface: SPDIF
  • 3.5mm Infrared Extension Jack Socket
  • Other Ports: 3 x USB 2.0 ports (for Wifi, Flash Storage, Software Update), SD, E-SATA

Items Included:

  • ATN Android Set Top Box
  • Standard Remote Control with 2xAAA Batteries
  • 10/100 Ethernet Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • 110V/220V PSU

Size and Weight:

  • Size: 17cm x 10cm x 4cm
  • Weight: 365g


  • CE, FC, RoHS compliant

CHANNEL LIST (updated March 2016)

Please note: ATN offers over 800 channels. The following list may be subject to slight variation due to satellite transmission and broadcaster changes. The term ‘TS’ denotes time-shifted service.

ATN Quran Tajwid Time Cinema Blue Nile
ATN Quran Tartil Time Cinema TS Blue Nile TS
ATN Quran English Time TV Tayba TV
ATN Stories in the Quran Time Comedy SSTV
ATN Make Your Life Better Time Comedy TS Africa 1 Sudan
ATN Information Time Taxi TV Africa 2 Sudan
ATN Cinema Time Quran Africa 3 Sudan
ATN Cinema +2 Mix Africa 4 Sudan
ATN Classic Time Film Dabanga Sudan
ATN Zaman Time Film TS Kassala TV
ATN Masraheat Cairo Cinema Red Sea Sudan
Movie Box HD Cairo Drama Neelain Sport
ATN Commercials Cairo Drama TS Goon TV
ATN Monasbat CBC TV Sudan Music
ATN Music HD CBC TV TS Tele Tchad
ATN Music HD +2 CBC +2 Oromia TV
ATN Tarab CBC Drama ETV 1
ATN Tarab +2 CBC Drama TS ETV 3
ATN Iraqi Tarab CBC Extra TFM Senegal
ATN Faerozeat CBC Sofra Echourok Benna TV
ATN Tarab Zaman CBC Sofra TS Algeria TV
ATN Al Kaesar Al Nahar TV Algeria TV TS
ATN Al Safer Al Nahar TV TS Dzair
ATN Relax Music Al Nahar Al Yaum A3 Algeria
ATN Angam Al Nahar Drama A3 Algeria TS
ATN Kids Al Nahar Drama TS Beur TV
ATN Marocko Cartoon Al Nahar Drama+ Dzair News
ATN Pocoyo Al Nahar Sport Canal Algeria
ATN Masha Cartoon Al Nahar Sport TS Canal Algeria TS
ATN Masha Cartoon +2 Al Nahar Nour KBC Algeria
ATN Kids 1 Albeit Beitak Cinema Echourok TV HD
ATN Kids 2 Albeit Beitak Cinema TS Echourok News
ATN Baby ONTV Echourok News TS
ATN Junior 1 ONTV TS Samira TV
ATN Junior 2 ONTV Live Tamazigh Algeria
ATN 4Kids English Baraem Middle East Ennehar Algeria
ATN Learn to Drive Baraem Ennehar Algeria TS
ATN Learn English Baraem TS Ennehar Laki
ATN Learn Swedish SpaceToon El Bilad TV
ATN Learn French SpaceToon TS Al Magharibia
ATN Learn Italian Cartoon Network Life Green
ATN Learn Norwegian Cartoon Network TS Maghreb 1
ATN Learn German Noon Kids Maghreb 1 TS
ATN How it’s Made Noon Kids TS Arrabia
ATN Top Gear Kogi Kids Assadisa
ATN Bank Al Malomat Semsem Alola Ant
ATN Variety Hod Hod Alola Ant TS
ATN Comedy Canary TV Alola International 2
ATN Kashkol Kokky Kids Tamazigh Marocco
ATN Food Kidzinia TV5 Maghreb
ATN Fashion Atfal Mawaheb TV5 Maghreb TS
ATN Fitness Ajyal TV5 Monde HD
ATN ID Mickey Channel 2M Monde
ATN Documentary Majid Kids UAE 2M Monde TS
ATN Science Mody Kids Medi 1 Sat
ATN Discovery Toyor Aljanah 1 Medi 1 Sat TS
ATN Tech Toyor Aljanah 1 TS Bzaf TV
ATN Earth Toyor Baby 2 Alriadia Sport
ATN History Karamesh TNN Tunisia
ATN Rehab El Eman Al Jazeera Jeem TV Tunisia 1
ATN Rehab El Eman 2 Taha TV Tunisia 1 TS
ATN Alhadeeth 4shabab Tunisia 2
ATN Anashid Teleliban Tunisia 1 TS
Al Jazeera LDC Lebanon Tunisia First TV
Al Jazeera HD LDC Lebanon TS Attesia TV Tunis
Sky News Arabia LBC HD Al Insen TV
Al Arabiya LBC Zaytona
Al Arabiya Hadath LBC TS Nessma
BBC Arabia OTV Lebanon Nessma TS
Alekhbaria OTV Lebanon TS Alhiwar Tunisia
Al Arab News MTV Lebanon HD Alhiwar Tunisia TS
Al Alam – WNN MTV Lebanon Tunisna
Al Mayadeen MTV Lebanon TS Tunisna TS
Russia Al Yaum Aljadeed HD Hanibal
Al Hiwar Aljadeed HD TS Hanibal TS
Al Araby TV Aljadeed TV M Tunisia
Al Hurra HD Aljadeed TV TS m24 TV Tunisie
Al Hurra Iraq Future Al Anis TV
CNBC Arabia Future TS Janoubia
Press TV NBN Al Mustakillah
Euronews Aliman TV Libya 218
Numidia News Al Aqila Libya TV
DW TV Arabia Al Manar Libya Alrasmia
France24 Arabic Al Manar TS Libya TV Channel HD
Al Ghad Al Arabi Al Aan TV Libya Alwataniya
Al Jazeera Documentary Al Aan TV TS Libya Al Ahrar
Al Jazeera Documentary TS Lebanon TV Libya Tobacts TV
National Geographic HD Alseha Waljamal Libya Al Hadath
National Geographic HD TS Sehaty Jamahirya TV
Althakafia Afak TV Al Tahabat
Royal Secret Afak TV TS Libya One
Al Arabi Documentary Basra TV Al Nabaa
Al Arabi Documentary TS Dijla TV Tanasoh TV
Al Quran Al Karim Dijla TV TS Libya Panorama TV
MBC Masr Al Hadath Iraq Misurata
MBC Masr TS Al Iraqiya TV Libya Ahrar
MBC Masr 2 Al Iraqiya TV TS Libya TV Shop
MBC Bollywood Cinema Al Iraqiya News Mecca TV
MBC Bollywood Cinema TS Al Iraqiya News TS Ahl Al Quran
MBC 1 Al Sharqiya Coran
MBC 1 TS Al Sharqiya TS Resalat Alislam
MBC 2 Al Sharqiya HD Alerth Alnabawi
MBC 2 TS Al Sharqiya News Al Haqiqa
MBC 3 Al Sharqiya News HD Al Resala
MBC 3 TS Al Rashid Ahl Al Quran
MBC 4 Al Baghdadia TV Al Rahma
MBC 4 TS Al Baghdadia TV TS Iqra
MBC Drama Al Baghdadia HD Iqra TS
MBC Drama TS Al Baghdadia 2 Ayaat
MBC Max Al Baghdadia 2 TS Al Besirah
MBC Action Baghdad TV Al Naem
MBC Action TS Hona Baghdad Wesal TV
MBC 1 HD Hona Baghdad TS Safa
MBC 2 HD Asia TV Bin Othaimin
MBC 2 HD TS Iraq Now Alsunnah
MBC 3 HD ANB Iraq Huda TV
MBC 4 HD Al Sumaria Sirat TV
MBC 4 HD TS Al Sumaria TS Al Mahdi
MBC Drama HD Lana TV Al Kawthar
MBC Drama HD TS Al Iraq 24 Al Anwar
MBC Action HD Alrafiden Anwar 2
MBC Max HD Faloja TV Thaqalyn TV
MBC Sport 1 Alghadeer Al Wilayah
MBC Sport 1 TS Al Taif Al Najaf TV
MBC Sport 2 Alitejah Karbala TV
MBC Sport 2 TS Beladi TV Almaaref
MBC Sport 3 Forat Aghapy
MBC Sport 3 TS Al Salam TV Karma TV
MBC Sport 4 Al Ahd TV Marmorkos
MBC Sport 4 TS Samarra TV Al Horreya TV
Almajd Space Channel Al Fayha CTV Coptic
Almajd Holy Quran Al Fayha TS Nour Sat
Almajd Holy Hadeeth Sadr Al Iraq Al Waad TV
Almajd Documentary El Mada Noursat Alshabab
Almajd Nature Altaghier Miracle
Almajd Kids Al Babeliya Sat 7 Arabic
Almajd Masah Naynawa Al Ghad Sat 7 Kids
Almajd Islamic Science Al Mawselya Sat 7 Plus
Basma Al Diyar Gladiator
Taghareed Almassar TV Al Rayyan TV 2
Amaken TV ANB Ishtar Qatar
Amaken Drama Ishtar TV Al Jazeera English
Pro Action HD Ishtar TV TS Al Jazeera Mubasher
Cinema 1 Shabab TV Eurosport Germany
Cineam 2 Aghanina Super Tennis HD
7alawet Ro7 Cinema Al Iraqiya Sport Al Kass One HD
7besha Cinema Karamah TV Al Kass Two HD
7besha Cinema TS Syria News Al Kass Three HD
Cinema Pro Syria News TS Al Kass Four HD
Majestic Cinema Syria SuperSport 1 SD
Majestic Cinema TS Syria TS SuperSport 2 SD
ABC Cinema Syria Drama SuperSport 3 SD
Moga Cinema Syria Drama TS SuperSport 4 SD
Moga Cinema TS Sama Syria SuperSport 1 HD
F Cinema Sama Syria TS SuperSport 2 HD
MBcinema Talaqe Syria SuperSport 3 HD
Al Embrator Cinema Massaya SuperSport 4 HD
Top Cinema TV Massaya TS Bein Movies 3 HD
Al Kabeer Cinema TRT Arabia Bein Sports
Abla Faheeta Cinema TRT Arabia TS Bein News
Fankoosh Cinema Orient News TRT 1
Albatal Cinema Souryana TRT 1 TS
Five Cinema Noor Alsham BBC11 London
Al King Cinema Nabd Syria ITV 1 London
Cima Fartaka Syria Education Bahrain
Five Film Abu Dhabi SD Bahrain 55
Aflam TV Abu Dhabi HD Bahrain Sport 1
CNC Aflam Abu Dhabi HD TS Bahrain Sport 2
LCD Aflam Abu Dhabi Emarat HD Bahrain Quran
Melody Classic Abu Dhabi Drama HD Bahrain HD
Toktok Aflam Abu Dhabi Drama HD TS Euronews
Plus 18 Aflam YAS Sports HD Oman TV
ABC TV Aflam Abu Dhabi Sport 1 KNN News
Bolika TV Aflam Abu Dhabi Sport 2 Gali Kurdistan
Aflam Tube Gear One Zagros
Cinema Tube Ajman TV Zagros TS
Film Tube Dubai TV KurdMax HD
Cima Tube Dubai TV TS KurdMax HD TS
Teatro Tube Dubai Drama Kanal 4 Kurd
Drama Tube Dubai Zaman Kanal 4 Kurd TS
2khtarna Lak Dubai One Korek TV
Cario One TV Dubai One TS Korek TV TS
Keed Elnsa Sama Dubai Vin TV
Royal Edhak Noor Dubai Vin TV TS
Royal Badawi Dubai TV HD Kurdistan
IFilm Arabic Sharjah Kurdistan TS
IRIB IFilm Dubai Racing 3 Kurdmax Pepule
IFilm English Dubai Sport 1 Kurdmax Pepule TS
Al Dafra TV HD Dubai Sport 2 NRT
Rayyan HD Dubai Sport 3 NRT HD
M Classic Dubai Sport 4 NRT HD TS
Al Danah TV Dubai Sports B-Liga NRT 2
Al Danah Oman TV Sport HD NRT 2 TS
GEM Arabic Music Al Waha NRT Arabic
Music Plus Funoon 1 Speda TV
Nogoum FM TV Alrai Rega HD
FM Music Kuwait 1 CPI TV
Free TV Music Kuwait 2 Amozhgary
Free TV Music TS Kuwait Ethra Kirkuk
Music Al Remas Kuwait Plus Badinan TV
Alhaneen Music Kuwait TV HD Turkmeneli
Alhaneen Music TS Kuwait Sport HD SNTV Somalia
El Moled Music Kuwait s.Plus SNTV Somalia TS
Music Sha3by Kuwait Sport Somali National TV
Aghani Aghani Music Marina TV HD Somali National TV TS
AM Music Scope HC Somali
Hi TV Scope TS HC Somali TS
Arabica TV Shahed TV Royali Somali
Mazzika Masria ESC 1 Royali Somali TS
Zee Aflam Masria ESC 1 TS CJ TV Somali
Zee Aflam TS Masria ESC 2 Universal Full Time
Zee Alwan Cairo TV Universal Full Time TS
Zee Alwan TS Delta Somali Cable
Zee Living Taiba TV Somali Cable TS
B4U Movies Al Kanal ESTV
B4U Plus Aleskendria Muritania
B4U Music Alsaeed TV Kalsan TV
Imagine Movies Misr Zeraya Kalsan TV TS
Hareem Elsultan LTC TV Eri TV
Cima Ten TV Eri TV TS
Cima TS Ten TV TS RTD Djibouti
Aflam Darbaka Azhari TV Gem TV
ART Aflam 1 Al Assema TV Gem TV TS
ART Aflam 1 TS Sada El Balad Amhara TV
ART Aflam 2 Sada El Balad TS Mara 7
ART Aflam 2 TS Sada El Balad Drama Al Minhaj
ART Cinema Sada El Balad + Elmosar 3 Sport
ART Cinema TS Al Kahera Wal Nas VTV 4
ART Hekayat 1 Al Kahera Wal Nas TS Sterk TV
ART Hekayat 1 TS Al Kahera Wal Nas +2 Sterk TV TS
ART Hekayat 2 Al Kahera Wal Nas +2 TS Sada TV
ART Hekayat 2 TS Mehwar NART
Rotana Cinema Mehwar TS Rudaw HD
Rotana Cinema TS Al Ahly TV Rudaw HD TS
Rotana Cinema KSA Al Qanat CNA
Rotana Masriya El Sharq ZDF HD
Rotana Masriya TS Mekamlin Arraed TV
Rotana Clip Masr Al Hayah Tawazon
Rotana Clip TS Al Asr TV Al Kitab TV
Rotana Khaligi Sha3bayat Majan
Rotana Khaligi TS Saudi 1 Rak TV
Rotana Music Saudi 2 Al Shallal
Rotana Music TS Saudi 24 France24 English
Rotana Classic Bedaya France24 French
Rotana Classic TS Bilad Al Haramain TV Arte France
Panorama Cinema Oyoon Al Watan Arte France TS
Panorama Comedy Al Mergab TF1 HD
Panorama Film Al Maaly Suryoyo Sat
Panorama Film TS Saudi Sport 1 HD The Word Network
Panorama Food Saudi Sport 2 HD Alruqia
Panorama Drama Alfursan Awdeh
Panorama Drama 2 Nilat Ronahi TV
Panorama Drama 3 Al Abel Med Nuce
Alhayat Series Jordan Kurdsat
Alhayat 1 Jordan Sport Kurdsat TS
Alhayat 1 TS Noor Jordan UMP Movies
Alhayat 2 Jordan West el Balaf The Savior
Alhayat 2 TS Josat LCD Movies
Alhayat W Alnas Kaifa TV Baity TV
Nile Cinema Kaifa TV TS RTS 1
Nile Cinema TS Roya TV MCC TV
Nile Comedy Nourmina TV Al Thawra
Nile Comedy TS Al Haqeqa Al Dawiliah Albaraka TV
Nile Drama Zweina Baladna Jana TV
Nile Drama TS Falestin Al Arrab
Nile Family Falestin Al Yaum Pro TV International
Nile Life Alaqsa TV Al Ghad Al Mushreq
Nile Culture Alkofiya Hidaya German
Nile News Alquds Hidaya Russian
Nile Sport Seraj Hidaya English
Wanasah Yemen TV Hidaya French
Fatafeat Yemen Shabab Hidaya Spanish
Fatafeat TS Al Saeeda Hidaya Bosnian
Dream TV New Adan TV Hidaya Albanian
Dream TV TS Alshareaa Yemen One Music
Moga Comedy TV Adiss TV Al Watan TV Egypt
Star Cinema 1 Sudan TV ATN Learn Spanish
Star Cinema 1 TS Alshorooq  
Star Cinema 2 Alshorooq TS  
Star Cinema 2 TS Khourtom TV  
  Om Durman  

Note: The ATN set top box requires connection to a Broadband router via the Ethernet socket on the box or over Wi-fi included.