4 Degree Monoblock LNB for Hotbird & Eurobird

4 Degree Monoblock LNB for Hotbird & Eurobird


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4 Degree LNB Monoblock (0.3db) is the perfect solution for receiving both Hotbird and Eurobird from a conventional dish, requiring minimal installation. Can also be used in other installations where two satellites are 4 degrees apart eg Astra 19.2 East & 23.5 East, and USA 91 West & 95 West, 95 West & 99 West etc. Do not confuse this lnb with 3 degree lnb’s which may be offered that are not proper 4 degree lnb’s and will give inferior results.


– 1 Universal V/H output
– 23mm feed, with 40mm feed adapter
– In-built DiSEqC switching
– 0.3dB noise figure

Eurobird 9 is a new satellite position and has become the new “Hot Spot” for many broadcasters who have launched services.